Thursday, 19 December 2013

Moon Shoes

         Looks like it's been over a month, but it's not like I'm gonna struggle to bust out a watered-down post every week. Plus, Christmas is coming up, and if you're reading multiple blogs right now you should ask yourself why you have nothing better to do.

 But, in all seriousness, lets talk about Moon Shoes. If you are not aware of what they are, swallow your pride and watch this

When I was 8 years old, or maybe 13, I asked for Moon Shoes for Christmas. Those things looked awesome. I could only imagine of the things I would get to do. I'd be known as the cool kid that hops around in school. I'd be able to go get the mail in 3 leaps and bounds. I could maybe pull them off at church if my other shoes were to be dirty. Oh the possibilities.

On Christmas morning, to my utmost pleasure, I found Moon Shoes underneath the tree. I screamed in joy, ran outside, and put them on. I then hobbled along my driveway, kind of like a carp fresh out of the water, by a series of lopsided, seizure-like half-skips that looked nothing like what was promised in the advertisements. Yeah, that was the day where I realized that Moon Shoes sucked, and were but a disappointing hoax. That day is ranked near the top of my Most Disappointing Days List, right in front of Lance Armstrong Confession Day, and right behind Habs Don't Make It Past First Round Day, which, sadly, is becoming a yearly occurrence. So yeah, it's ranked pretty high.

So, where am I going with this? This is not yet another spiel on capitalism and consumerism. If somehow you decided to hibernate and missed your dose of that during this holiday season, just sit down with your family and watch Ebenezer Scrooge wreak havoc in A Christmas Carol. The reason I brought up this sad story was to discuss the ever-standing misconception of expectation versus reality.
When we are building up for a season, we inadvertently think of unrealistic goals we would want to achieve. While I don't think aiming high is a bad idea, we often try to match our perfect goals with the imperfect reality of life. Even though we sometimes achieve it, a million things could get in the way of a perfect season. If we do not realize this, and get frustrated when perfect results don't come, we are not making any progress.

With this in mind, I have set myself a challenge for this season. Feel free to join. I will write my goals down prior to the season, and put them on the back burner. I will attempt to go through the season without thoughts on where I should be or how I compare with others, no matter how the season is going. After all it's doing, not thinking, that will get me where I want to be, so let the workload begin.

Meanwhile, time to celebrate the holidays.

Eating = Getting Fat
Running = Losing Weight
Eating + Running = Maintenance
Pick your side

Joyeux Noel


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