Monday, 2 June 2014

Comeback loading...

Well it has been a month since the big punch in the gut, and I'm finally starting to catch my breath again.

So for those of you who don't watch the whole series and who only tune in on the odd Monday night, read this in a low key voice:

Previously on Alex's rollercoaster ride of a year: Alex is running shitty. Alex doesn't care. Alex goes to local road race. Alex passes out. Alex discovers that he is iron deficient and that his hematocrit is inhumanly low. What happens next? Find out now.

Ok, so now that I have your attention, this is what's going down. I've been getting into light training again with a higher concentration on short speed intervals. My volume is still quite short of what I usually am running, but it is increasing ever so slightly every week. My current goal is to run an 800 meter race in the next few weeks. The logic is that because the low iron is mainly hindering the aerobic system, why not take a ride on the anaerobic wild side for a while? Ok, now really anaerobically wild would be to attempt a 400 meter sprint, but I'm not gonna sink that low. The 800 I am thinking of hitting up is in 3 weeks, and if training keeps progressing consistently, I'm excited to see what I can do.

Meanwhile, I had to keep things interesting. I hit up the local 5 and 10k for Scotland in Summerside yesterday. I took a bit of a wrong turn, and ended up running approximately 5.4k instead of 5. No worries, still managed to take the W and win myself 2 tickets to the PEI Highland festival next month! So if anyone is interested let me know, I'm not going there alone. My time was nothing spectacular. I finished in 18:47 and went through 5k in around 17:20. Nothing to write home about, but the feeling of crossing the line first to the sound of bagpipes just 3 weeks after struggling to put together 20 minutes of easy running was magical in itself.

It's always fun to meet people at those things. It seems as though everyone has a background. There are the cancer survivors, the weekend warriors, the old timers, and even those who run for those who can't. It's inspiring to see and hear and it brings another dimention to the age-old 'Why do we run?' question. We all have our own reasons; be it for fun, for competition, or to feed the various chips on our shoulders that just won't quit. Regardless, I realized that no matter the level of competition or the distance of the race, everyone gets butterflies and everyone lines up to the line for a battle of sorts. It was nice getting in there again, and it's making me remember how fun it all is.



PS - It would be smooth to end it here, but I can't help it, I need to express my feelings to all dog people out there. Now that summer is upon us, I am noticing the exponential rise of dogs around my running routes. So dog lovers, here are my brief messages for you:

1- I won't judge if you like dogs, good for you! But please, make an effort to train them.
2- As a runner, I see dogs as a threat, so I apologize in advance for any profanities I will accidently yell when it comes running after me.
3- I understand that you want me to 'look at his widdle face' but I would much rather continue my run
4- Yes, your dog is cute. My answer won't change in any way, shape or form even if you repeatedly ask me ''isn't he?'' to confirm your previous statement.
5- Get a leash

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