Thursday, 18 December 2014

Ebola, Christmas, Running, and so on

Well I guess it’s been a while since we last chatted. It is to be expected for this time of year. I’ve never enjoyed the month of November; nothing ever happens. Days get shorter, weather is colder, half of the people are in the Christmas spirit and inevitably annoy the other half, and so on. Seriously though, I once had this friend who’d buy two advent calendars. One for November, and one for December. He’d always carry around some hot chocolate even if it was 10 over outside. Come to think of it, he probably just really liked chocolate. Anyway, that’s enough about him, I wonder if he’ll read this.

So I had last left you with a story that dragged on longer than the Star Wars series.** My story wasn’t quite as captivating as a Galactic War, but was every much so as confusing. After a weird fainting spell back in October, I was banned from competing with the Xmen by the people wearing the pants for simple and frustrating ‘covering their butts' purposes. I trained on my own and raced as an individual in the purpose that I were to be responsible for any possible future fainting spells. Not a bad deal actually. I didn’t need any kind of permission slip to drive up with a car because I wasn’t the team’s responsibility, and I could hypothetically race under any name, track club, or funky outfit. Thought came to mind of racing as Quenton Cassidy, or even borrowing a teammate's NOP singlet that he allegedly stole from Galen Rupp, but decided to sport the yellow in honour of my alma matter. 

The all-yellow kit seemed to work well for me as I enjoyed a 1 second PB (and an official one this time) in the 3k of the Tiger Track Classic in mid-November with a time of 8:44. Hey, they all count! This sent me along to an off week where I probably gained 10 pounds, which I then lost again in the next few days to the flu. This wasn’t just a regular flu. We were certain that Ebola had found Greening. I caught Cal in his room writing his death will. For the record, he was giving me his Jetta, his cold FX pills, and the running gloves he had stolen from Lee earlier in the year. Sadly, he survived. Could have used that Jetta, and those gloves. It was a rough week. 

Afterwards. regular training resumed. Back to my case, I completed my last medical test today. After months looking for something that in my highly respected 2nd year kinesiology student opinion, isn’t there, the doctors following me gave me the news I was waiting for. I am now cleared to resume racing. However, I was implanted with a small heart monitor in my chest. This was unexpected, and as much as it is cool to feel like a cyborg, it will not let me compete at the Moncton Last Chance meet that I was signed up for on Saturday. No big deal, I desperately need to get some Christmas shopping done anyway.

So yeah, that’s the end of that. No more all-yellow Team Evangeline random runner on the line between university athletes. Just another (hopefully) fast Xman amongst others. For now though, Christmas is approaching. As we get older, it gets weirder when people ask us what we want for Christmas. I wish I could just tell them I want a box of hockey cards like I used to want. The one thing I want most this year surely cannot be bought. Well, there is that and maybe a new phone. Yeah, a new phone would be second on my list if you are still unsure what to get me for Christmas. The iPhone 6s are out, just throwing that out there. You know what? Forget it. A 5 would do I guess. If it’s blue. Nevermind, it’s the thought that counts. 

Just a little something to get you feeling festive -

Joyeux Noel / Merry Christmas


** I was coaxed by the Boys of 18 Greening to start watching those things. They’re ok, but they pale in comparison to my own childhood love, Pokemon.

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