Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Summer of training 2015

I’m writing this post staring out the window of our newly floored and revamped home on the top of Greening hill. Other than the melting of snowmen, Antigonish hasn’t changed since the end of our indoor track season of 2015. An air laced with the scent of the local A&W complimented by the musk of the 50 pairs of shoes lying around the house takes me straight back to the ending of my second year, where I was gearing up for a long summer of training.

I guess I could say that The Running Gods were watching over me. I was fortunate to be healthy and running for the entire summer. This caused me to get excited, perhaps even too much so. Despite my endless self-reminders that the real races only happened in October and beyond, one could say I became caught up in the moment. A combination of nice weather, consistent running, and other factors led me to race more than the average November-peaking cross country athlete. 

In bullet point fashion:

Highland Games - 4th in 5 mile race - 26:11 - No running pictures, this will have to do. 

 I was always wanting to pay Antigonish a summer visit, and even more if it involved a running reunion of sorts. The competition was great, and so was the atmosphere. Was really pleased with this one, considering it was at the very start of my training cycle, so I had not put in much work beforehand.

                                         July 19th - Cox and Palmer 10k - 32:15

Cox and Palmer 10k. Just one of those days. Planned on running at a tempo pace and opened stupidly in a 2:58 and settled in to run a 32:15 that felt quite comfortable once I adjusted the pace. My face suggests that I definitely worked harder than I should have for a tempo day. Shoutout to DJ O'Regan for grabbing the best door prize around.

July 26th - Atlantic Track Champs 5k - 14:51:91

Atlantic 5k champs - Believe it or not, I hadn’t run a real outdoor track race since 2013. Was a bit nervous going into that one, because I really had not focused on sharper, faster, 5k training. Most of my work was being logged in the form of mileage. I was pleasantly surprised with my time, and it showed me that things were going in the right direction. Big shoutout to The Shankster himself for sharing the lead with me!

Gold Cup Trot 5k - 15:06

Gold Cup trot- This one, I was really keen on entering. The Gold Cup Trot 5k creates a unique atmosphere, as runners pass on the Gold Cup parade route, in front of many spectators. This opportunity is seldom granted on PEI, so it makes for a cool concept. I guess it may have fired me up a bit too much, as I opened up in total hot turkey style with a 2:46 first kilometer. Realized I was being stupid and backed off the pace a bit. Was happy with the time for a very hot day on the road.

So I come into training camp probably leading the AUS in races run, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. I can find solace in the fact that those races were run strictly off of base mileage and very few aerobic workouts, so in no way do I currently find myself burnt. I do realize, however, that these two months coming are the most physically demanding of the year. The fine but vague area between doing too much and too little is tight and ever-shifting but I am hoping that the plan will bring me to where I want to be. To find out if my body can not only survive these months, but can as well improve with the training they will bring, I will have to stay tuned. 

Individual training aside, I am extremely excited for what is to come for this StFX XC team.  From Gramps to the rooks, we have an interesting group. I am aware, however, that all we are for the moment is a number of athletes with potential. Everything is to redo, re-prove. Easy as it is for me to look back and reflect on the good string of running I was fortunate enough to have in this past track season, I can't take solace in the hope that it will simply happen again. It's something to re-earn. 

Leaving you this time with a few more pics. Wanted to give the right brain a bit more work for once.


Had another great year with this gang. From booty goggles to muscle milk, it was a summer filled with good times, on both the social and track sides! Can't wait to get back at it next year if we all survive the cross country season. #PEFF #NEP 

I'm super lucky to have been hooked up with a great sponsor in Caissy Performance! Improving strength and correcting weaknesses are two things runners need to stay consistent in their training, and working with Mitchell has already helped me improve those parts in my running.

 Breakfast at 18 Greening. Shoutout to the rooks for making mean pancakes.

StFX XC 2015


  1. 4 Races... nbd bro. Most in AUS?!... lol.

    1. h8rs gonna h8 #cyrforprez

    2. He put his best ones in this article. The other ones were just not worth showing I guess

    3. You got me, I also raced a 10k in Edmundston, NB in early August. I was misdirected, and ended up running about 13k, slowing the last 3k to a jog. I didn't really get a time on the whole thing so I didn't include it.

  2. Good luck in the AUS this year! Will be cheering

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